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Why choose artificial lawn?

Few homeowners have to cope with such arid and dry conditions as Australians do.
With restrictions on water, our most precious resource, homeowners often have to make tough sacrifices for dry, ugly lawns.
Fortunately, we offer homeowners the option of having a healthy, vibrant, and green lawn all year round by supplying and installing the most realistic artificial grass on the market today.

Synthetic Lawn. Save water. Save time. Save money.

Our grass offers different levels of service with our artificial grasses based on your needs. We can act as a supply and delivery for you to install or, for guaranteed results, let our turf experts also install your synthetic lawn. Our team can ensure a perfect and natural-looking installation the first time, every time.
Our artificial lawns are not only a perfect solution for residential lawns, but also for commercial properties and public parks and reserves.


Key Benefits of Synthetic Grass

There are plenty of ways to improve the condition of your own lawn, but that requires time, money and effort. Who can be bothered?

  Synthetic grass is low maintenance
  Synthetic grass will save you money
  Synthetic grass is designed for Australian conditions
  Synthetic grass is child and pet friendly
  Synthetic grass is great for the environment

Lawn maintenance isn’t as simple as it appears, as the mow height, how much you water, and how much you feed your lawn will determine whether or not your lawn attracts disease. If you find a brown patch in your lawn, it may already have this disease. In this case, you would need to fight the disease with your choice of fungicides. Who wants to do that? Artificial grass aren’t susceptible to these diseases, which ensures your lawn will look great with minimal maintenance.

This is another popular pain point artificial lawn resolves, as artificial grass involves a weed-proof foundation and doesn’t attract pests that natural grass attracts. Natural grass provides weeds the soil needed to grow, artificial grass doesn’t.

Even if you live in an increasingly arid area your lawn may develop mud and puddles after running your sprinkler system. If you happen to have a dog, this can pose a problem of tracking in mud into the house.

When you replace your lawn with artificial grass, you have an evergreen landscaping cover. This means it will remain lush and green with minimal maintenance. This means you no longer have to spend money on expensive fertilizers year after year.

Similar to fertilizer, there’s no need for pesticides when you have fake grass. It doesn’t attract outside pests that have a negative impact on your lawn. This, too, will save you money year after year, as well as avoid negative health impacts of applying poisons to your lawn.

If you’re tired of the time you spend maintaining your lawn, you may find that a fake lawn relieves you of the time and attention it needs to look presentable.

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